Design makes change in the world.

Design put satellites in orbit, and books on our shelves, and made that special card for the one you love. Spotted From Space provides unique, personalised design, made easy for You.

Sometimes change is hard to handle. Sliced bread didn’t take off for 20 years after it had been invented, that is until it was communicated to people in a way that they could understand it’s benefits. Other change is accepted readily, especially when it makes life easier. Spotted From Space is dedicated to producing clean, versatile design to communicate clear messages for enjoyment, education and every day uses.

Specialising in hand rendering techniques in combination with digital mediums, working with you to enhance your ideas and make them realities, Spotted From Space will ensure your message is heard and seen from anywhere in the galaxy.

BOOM your message across the galaxy

Design Services:

Identity. Logos. Business cards. Style guides. Company profiles.

Publishing. Flyers. Posters. Zines. Books.

Marketing. Advertising graphics. Landing pages. Email Marketing.

Spotted From Space provides a unique and personalised design service, made easy for you. Get in touch using the contact form at this link.